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17 August 2016 @ 09:03 pm

First of all, I apologize for deleting all my previous translations - as I am currently moving on to new fandoms. (Let's be honest, I have fully move on from JUMP & Johnnys fandom and is officially an Arashit, utaiteshit & seiyuushit) I made an Livejournal account focusing on translating interviews, subbing etc which you can find it here.

Due to my extreme obsession towards manga, I also do translate them sometimes at Otakumole.ch under the name Syefa. As I am still currently studying Japanese, I apologize for any mistakes. By the way, I throw all my seiyuu stuff and small translations on my Tumblr here. Rarely do I check my Livejournal (since school is getting in my way) but I will try my best to reply any message(s) as soon as I see them.